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Silver Service LRA 907

Former Silver Service AEC Regal LRA 907 has been found in stotage in West Wales. The following photographs show its current condition indicating that although it is undercover, much work would be needed to return it to a roadworthy condition (click on the photos to enlarge them).

The following is believed to be brief history of this coach, but we would be keen to hear from anyone who has additional or more accurate information :

      • New to J.H.Woolliscroft (t/a Silver Service) of Darley Dale, nr Matlock, Derbyshire, in December 1947 (info from PSVC);
      • Withdrawn by May 1970 (from PSVC).  The photo at the top of the page is believed to have been taken was taken on its last day in service.;
      • Acquired for preservation by R.M. Jacey of Carshalton, London by April 1971 (info from PSVC);
      • Spotted in Essex in 1971;
      • Photographed in 1971, 1973, 19751976 still in SS livery, at the Continental Pioneer Depot in Richmond (often used as a storage place for preserved vehicles);
      • Acquired by D.Hawkins of Bridgend by April 1978 (info from PSVC);
      • Acquired by M.Green of London by September 1978 (info from PSVC);
      • Repainted in the Red livery of Plotts and Goldman (Central London Motors) by August 1983 (info from PSVC);
      • Photos on Ebay of it at a Rally in red livery but with Cosy Coaches fleetname above driver;
      • Photos on internet of it at 1988 North Weald Rally in red livery & Wrens Motors fleet names – see;
      • Last Taxed in 1988;
      • Acquired by Warren Darling of Hanwell in 1988 and stored with other preserved vehicles near Ongar;
      • Passed to Phil James Motor Body Repairs in Blaenporth Cardigan around October 2009, on death of previous owner ?
      • Purchased (in pieces and no longer painted red) by its current owner in Summer 2019 from Phil James together with the shed it was parked in on his property – see above.

Discussion on the history and current condition of this vehicle can be found on the SCT61 website here – .  If you are able to provide any additional information on the history of this coach, or can can correct the summary above, please email us at or add to the discussion on the SCT61 web page.