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Chesterfield Area Timetable Archive

To assist those researching the history of bus services in the Chesterfield area, we are gradually adding links to scans of some of the bus timetables produced by the various bus companies that operated in North Derbyshire

The timetables below are for services that operated prior to 1981 – please click on the picture of the cover below to see the timetable.

For timetables produced after 1981, please click here.

Initially, the majority of the timetables on this page will mainly be from the 1970s, but we have also included a few from the post war period where available. For completeness, we have also included links to the “Timetable World” website which contains several timetables published by major operators in the late 1960s, plus vintage timetables for rail services as well.

If you are able to assist us by providing other timetables for the years prior to 1981 that we can scan without damaging, then we would be very interested to hear from you – please contact the Transpire Webmaster at if you are able to help.

Please note that to keep the keep the size of the PDF files down, indexes, adverts, conditions of carriage and timetables of services outside the Chesterfield / Peak District area may not have been scanned. Please also be aware that timetables marked # in the description are held on other organisation’s websites, so clicking on the picture of the timetable will take you directly to that website.

Chesterfield Corporation Transport


Chesterfield Corporation 1939 Timetable


Chesterfield Transport Timetable – August 1977


Chesterfield Transport Department bus map from 1977


Chesterfield Transport Department Timetable – August 1978


East Midland Motor Services

Note:  Although the publications below covered all bus services operated by East Midland, timetables have only been reproduced here for services operating in the Chesterfield, Bolsover and Clowne areas. However, copies of timetables for other East Midland services can be provided on request.

EMMS timetable 1969 (contained on the Timetable World Website) #


EMMS Timetable 1978


EMMS RouteMap 1978 (incl. other operators)


East Midland Motor Services 1958 Bus map


Services in Matlock & the Peak District

(including, Hulleys, Silver Service and Trent)

SPA & Watts from 1920s

SPA & Watts Brothers Matlock timetables from the 1920/30s #


Alfreton Motor Transport 1930s Matlock timetable


Slack of Darley Dale – timetable from 1932


Woolliscroft (Silver Service)  Timetable from the 1930s.


Hulleys of Baslow bus timetable from 1951 . . . . . . . . . . 


Hulleys timetable 1954 (amended to include alterations in 1956)

Hulleys 1964 Timetable Poster

Silver Service 1960s Timetables

Silver Service timetables from mid-1970s

Hulleys Timetable book 1977 + Map

Silver Service Group 1979 timetable book + map

Silver Service Group 1980 Jubilee Timetable + map

HulleyLink Sunday Service Timetable 1980


Peak District Timetable 1976 (including Hulleys services)


Matlock area timetable 1977 (includes Trent, Hulleys & Silver Service)


Peak Timetable 1978 (including Hulleys routes)



In addition, a copy of the North Western timetable for 1967 (including services in Matlock and the Peak District) can be found on the Timetable World website.

Trent Motor Traction & Midland General in the Chesterfield area

Note:  Although the publications below covered all bus services operated by Trent and Midland General in the area concerned, we have have only reproduced timetables for services operating in the Chesterfield and Clay Cross areas. However, copies of timetables for other Midland General and Trent services can be provided on request. Timetables for jointly operated service 63 from Chesterfield to Nottingham, can be found in the East Midland timetable book.

Trent 1969 timetable (contained on the Timetable World website) #


Midland General’s final timetable in 1972


Midland General & Mansfield District 1972 bus map


Trent Alfreton 1980 timetable & map

Further details of Midland General bus services can be found on the excellent Midland General Omnibus website which includes maps of that company’s services in the 1950s and 60s.


In addition, a copy of the combined Mansfield District / Midland General timetable for 1969 can be found on the Timetable World website.

Sheffield Transport, Rotherham Corporation & South Yorkshire PTE in the Chesterfield area

Prior to 1986, South Yorkshire PTE and its prececessors Sheffield Transport and Rotherham Corporation, also operated into Chesterfield, but only on services that were jointly operated with other companies. Copies of services from Sheffield to Chesterfield via Dronfield can therefore be found in the Chesterfield Transport timetable books, whilst those for service 10 from Chesterfield to Rotherham can be found in the East Midland timetables.

However if you would like to see a complete Sheffield Transport timetable from 1968, click here to see the one stored on the Timetable World website.

Other Operators  in the Chesterfield area

Underwood London Express Service – 1928


For timetables produced after 1981, please click here