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Photos of Chesterfield area buses

The internet is full of photos of buses and so here are few examples of websites where you can find photos of buses in the Chesterfield area:

Transpirebus Flickr site100_8768

This is the Transpire website’s flickr site where members will be able to post their own pictures of buses operating in the Chesterfield area, both past and present. However this is very much a work in progess, so please also take a look at…

The Transpire Website Archive

… which has lots of photos taken between 2009 and 2013 here and here; and…

Focus on Flickr100_9608

… which has a large number of transport photographs taken in North Derbyshire and which is regularly updated.


Other Flickr sites which regularly feature photos of Derbyshire buses are:

whilst more photos of local operators can be found at:100_8777

If you are after some vintage photos of Chesterfield Transport and East Midland take a look at these on the excellent SCT website

Transpire also has its own YouTube Video Channel , but here are some links to some other YouTube movies of buses in and around Chesterfield, plus shots of some of the Peak Park Bus gatherings:

  • Videos by Next Stop Productions taken in June 2007 and June 2009 of the Chesterfield preserved bus running day (plus other buses passing by);
  • A video of the 2008 running day (including rear end shots of several Transpire members !)
  • A video featuring a pristine JRA 635 at the 2003 Gateshead Rally.
  • An excerpt from PMP video “Bus Spot Chesterfield” showing buses in the Chesterfield area in the 1960’s, including some excellent shots of Hulley’s elderly fleet.
  • What appears to be a Cinefilm from 1987 (with dodgy colouring) of Chesterfield Fleetlines plus the occasional Leyland National taken at or near Vicar Lane;

Links to more recent bus videos taken in Chesterfield include:

Plus of course, the ever popular video of  Stagecoach Enviro 300 YN58CFE attempting (and eventually succeeding) to get up an icy hill between Clay Cross & Chesterfield. There are other videos taken of individual vehicles (including the Chesterfield Church Bus Fleetline), but we will let you find those for yourselves !